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May 24, 2022

What are ways to help my child avoid youth sports injuries?

Kids that participate in youth sports benefit greatly from the increased physical activity, and they learn life skills that come from working as a team. Children that play youth sports are generally healthier, both physically and emotionally, as athletics help combat childhood obesity and childhood depression. While the benefits of youth sports are notable, they do come with some risk of various sports injuries.

Dec 22, 2021

Child Care Center versus In-Home Care: What is the right choice for my family?

One of the hardest parts of parenting through early childhood years is making decisions about your child’s care throughout the workday. The importance of early learning and early childhood development cannot be overstated, as it’s well known to form the foundation of a lifetime of healthy learning and development

Oct 22, 2020

Why is outdoor play and learning so important for my child?

For most parents and caregivers, it probably does not come as a surprise that children today spend less time outdoors than previous generations. In fact, according to several studies, children spend half as much time outdoors as children did 20 years ago. Most of the blame can be attributed to modern children’s enormous use of passive technology such as computers, smart phones and other forms of entertainment and media.  But parents and caregivers also contribute to kids not spending enough time outside—whether it be for safety concerns or simply not stressing the importance of being active in the great outdoors.