Jun 4, 2024

What are the development milestones for a young child?

The development process begins the day your baby is born. Parents quickly realize that a newborn constantly grows, but the process isn't just about bodily changes. Along with physical changes, the development process includes rapid changes in a child's mind and skills, as well as gains in language, literacy, and communication that are nearly nonstop in these formative years.

Apr 22, 2024

Playground Safety Tips for Parents and Providers

As the weather warms and families head outdoors for entertainment, playgrounds are often a first stop for those with young children. Playgrounds provide plenty of fun, allow children the chance to exercise and practice their social skills, and they are a perfect location for the unstructured, imaginative play that experts say is integral for healthy childhood development. However, a big part of keeping that play fun for children is keeping it safe, and this is especially important on the playground.