Does my childcare provider do background checks on their staff?

Background Checks (2)

When choosing a child care provider, there are many questions a parent or guardian should ask during the “interview” process. Child safety issues, of course, are one of the main priorities for any parent and a quality provider should do everything possible to prove — and show — that their facility provides a safe and secure environment for young children.

The provider must ensure that the requirements for adults who work in a child care setting include the following in the staff person’s record at the facility:

•        All teachers must be at least 18 years old

•        All teachers must have at least a high school diploma or GED

•        All teachers must have regular, ongoing training

•        All teachers must have the appropriate health records to include a current tuberculosis (TB) check.

•        All teachers must have the appropriate criminal backgrounds checks


One of the most important safety requirements for licensed child care providers is that every member of the staff must have a comprehensive criminal background check that includes fingerprinting. The definition of “staff” includes anyone who is involved in a child’s care or supervision of children or who may have unsupervised access to children, including bus drivers, kitchen staff, janitors, and administrative employees.

The SC Department of Social Services’ Child Care Licensing conducts state and federal background checks on all staff members who work in regulated child care facilities. This includes checks of the Central Registry for Child Abuse and Neglect checks and the State’s National Sex Offender Databases on staff members who work in regulated facilities and those Family, Friend, and Neighbor providers who are enrolled in the SC Voucher Program.

An important fact to remember is that not all child care programs are required to be licensed in South Carolina. This could mean that some providers don’t follow state safety recommendations or require background checks for their employees. That’s why if you are considering placing your child in a care setting that is not licensed by the state, a parent or guardian should ask the director for proof of a completed criminal history check on all employees. If they do not have documentation, ask the caregivers to complete a check.

To learn more about the types of offenses that would prohibit an individual from working in child care or opening a family child care home, visit To read the complete SC Background Check Law for Child Care Providers, visit

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