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What’s so important about 2,000 Days?

2000 Days

Two thousand days can seem like an eternity, but many parents would disagree. Those days fly by faster than you can believe.

It’s about 2,000 days from the day a child is born until he or she begins kindergarten. During those five and a half years, children’s brains are works-in-progress. Every day they’re learning, developing, absorbing and building the foundation for how they’ll learn in later years.

Two of the most important contributors to that foundation are high quality child care and childhood development. But what exactly is high quality? Can you see it or feel it? What does it look like in real life? That’s where ABC Quality can help you.

The child care resource for South Carolina parents: ABC Quality.
ABC Quality is South Carolina’s go-to resource for information about child care and child care quality. ABC Quality is a voluntary rating and improvement program that helps South Carolina parents find high quality child care providers. It is administered by the Division of Early Care and Education of the SC Department of Social Services. Visit us online to search for a provider and learn about our quality rating system.

We have special resources — like this blog — just for parents that brim with useful child care and development information. Learn about brain development, the important role of play in childhood and ways you can make good nutrition part of your everyday routine. We’re all about helping you raise young South Carolinians who will thrive their way into adulthood.

Keep reading each week to get insight and answers to common questions, concerns and quandaries parents experience during those critical 2,000 days and beyond. Building a brighter South Carolina begins with access to exceptional child care and development for your child and every other young South Carolinian.

By ABC Quality Team on October 5, 2016