Five Questions for Child Care Interviews

How a potential child care provider answers these five questions — and if they participate in the state’s ABC Quality program — tells you a lot about their level of care and commitment to quality.

Refer to these questions during your provider interviews and know what the answers could mean for your child’s health and well-being.


What will a typical day be like for my child?

Indoor and outdoor activities and learning through play are essential to your child’s development. Knowing what to expect at any age helps you monitor your child’s development.


How does your program protect my child from accidents, injury and illness?

Programs with established health and safety practices help protect the well-being of your child.


What type of experience and education requirements are there for teachers?

Teachers experienced in early childhood settings are familiar with child development and plan appropriate learning experiences for your child.


What will the teacher share with me about my child?

The ongoing sharing of information assists the teacher in providing activities that support your home environment and develop positive relationships.


What’s your ABC Quality rating?

The ABC Quality Program assesses and rates the quality of early childhood programs in SC. Search our website to check the ratings of participating providers or connect with a rated provider near you.