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Help for Families through the United Way’s 211 Service Line

Sometimes we all need a little help in life—and with the cost of living always increasing for growing families, it’s comforting to know there are local service organizations that can offer a little help. One of the most comprehensive resources in South Carolina is the United Way’s 211 Service.

By ABC Quality Team on June 16, 2020

Does my childcare provider do background checks on their staff?

Child safety issues, of course, are one of the main priorities for any parent. ABC Quality explores a few of the requirements that SC Child Care staff must meet.

By ABC Quality Team on June 25, 2019

What's the importance of having a low child-staff ratio in your child’s care?

As parents and caregivers, we all know the importance of spending quality time with our children. ABC Quality explores how low child-staff ratios can maximize the individualized care your child receives.

By ABC Quality Team on March 19, 2019

What should you do if you’re placed on a child care wait list?

Many accredited child-care centers typically operate at full capacity. ABC Quality explores some tips that parents and caregivers can follow to help better navigate admission to a quality child care facility.

By ABC Quality Team on March 5, 2019

Why should child care providers and settings be culturally responsive?

In today’s multicultural environment, diversity is celebrated more than ever. ABC Quality explores the importance of having a child care setting where “culturally responsiveness” can be part of the educational process.

By ABC Quality Team on February 19, 2019