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What are safe sleep positions during pregnancy?

It’s more than just beauty rest. Sleep allows the body to reset and repair itself. Unfortunately, many women have problems sleeping during pregnancy and have vivid dreams or nightmares. Loss of sleep due to fluctuating hormones and anxiety from stress can impact your health in general, especially when pregnant.

By ABC Quality Team on June 2, 2023

How is ABC Quality making child care more accessible for families?

Affordable, high-quality child care is a must for families in South Carolina. Child care not only keeps children safe and healthy, it helps them develop social, emotional, and communication skills they will need for success in school and throughout their lives. Unfortunately, many families in communities across the state have limited access to child care. But that’s where ABC Quality comes in.

By ABC Quality Team on April 18, 2023

What should caregivers know about hand, foot and mouth disease?

Children in child care settings are bound to be exposed to a number of ordinary viruses, from common colds to stomach bugs, in their first few years of life. One of the most common childhood illnesses is hand, foot and mouth disease, a scary-sounding viral infection that can cause painful sores on a child’s hands, feet and mouth.

By ABC Quality Team on February 14, 2023

How do I know if my child would benefit from therapy?

As awareness about mental health issues has increased, and the stigmas associated have decreased, more parents are seeking therapy for their children and reaping the benefits.

By ABC Quality Team on January 31, 2023

How can I protect my child from Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes, has historically not been a concern for children or young people in the United States. However, as childhood obesity remains on the rise, a growing number of children–some as young as 10–are now at risk for being diagnosed with the disease.

By ABC Quality Team on January 17, 2023