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How is ABC Quality making child care more accessible for families?

Affordable, high-quality child care is a must for families in South Carolina. Child care not only keeps children safe and healthy, it helps them develop social, emotional, and communication skills they will need for success in school and throughout their lives. Unfortunately, many families in communities across the state have limited access to child care. But that’s where ABC Quality comes in.

By ABC Quality Team on April 18, 2023

How to help your child break a bad habit

Bad habits in childhood are usually actions or behaviors repeated over and over, most often to help soothe a child when they feel anxious or uncomfortable. Most children aren’t aware they are doing the bad habit, and bad habits can be picked up at any time for a variety of reasons. The most common bad habits seen in children include nail biting, nose picking, hair twirling, thumb sucking, teeth grinding, lip biting or licking, or excessive screen time. More serious bad habits include lying, hitting, and biting

By ABC Quality Team on February 7, 2023

How do I strengthen my family with the “Five Protective Factors?”

Setting a family up for success requires much more than access to adequate food, clothing and shelter. Beyond basic needs, families need a variety of tools and support to manage the challenges of raising happy, healthy children. One of the ways governments and other organizations can help support families is through cultivating the ‘Five Protective Factors.’ These factors are characteristics in parents, families and communities that help protect children from abuse and neglect and increase the overall health and well-being of families.

By ABC Quality Team on December 20, 2022

How can I be smart about back-to-school shopping?

Parents and caregivers may feel that summer has just begun when they start seeing advertisements and store displays promoting the purchase of school supplies. There is a reason for that, as back-to-school shopping is big business! In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, families with children in elementary through high school planned to spend $848.90 on back-to-school shopping in 2021. As the cost of goods continues to increase, we can expect 2022’s estimates to be even higher. But with careful planning and the flexibility to shop early and often, parents can work towards keeping their back-to-school budget in check. Here are some tips for shopping smart before the school year begins.

By ABC Quality Team on August 2, 2022

Are there guides to help me choose safe baby toys and products?

From diapers to formula to bath products and beyond, there is no shortage of baby products marketed to parents worldwide. In fact, according to database company Statista the global market value for baby care products in 2020 was over $67 billion and continues to grow by billions each year! There are literally millions of baby products on the market for parents and caregivers to choose from when it comes to raising children, and with such a massive selection, it can be challenging to know which products are safe and of what dangers parents need to be aware. Here are a few things to keep in mind before nursery or playroom shopping for your little one.

By ABC Quality Team on June 14, 2022