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What are tips to help my child avoid summer “Brain Drain?”

Students may look forward to three months of no school as summer approaches, but it can leave some parents concerned about whether their child runs the risk of backsliding in certain subjects and skills. Summer “brain drain” or “summer slide” has been studied for decades and asserts that children’s learning falls backwards during the months they are not in school. While it is real and happens, most education experts contend that it isn’t really a loss of knowledge, but rather a lapse, and most students catch back up successfully following break. However, there are several easy ways parents and caregivers help combat summer brain drain while at home.

By ABC Quality Team on July 26, 2022

DSS Celebrates ABC Quality’s 30th Birthday in 2022

The South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) is encouraging communities statewide to join in celebrating ABC Quality’s 30th Anniversary this year.

By Sherrie Dueno, Project Manager, ABC Quality on July 20, 2022

What are Ways to Better the Parent-Grandparent Relationship?

There is no doubt that—in most cases—having an involved grandparent or grandparents is highly beneficial to children. The relationship between a child and grandparent is unique and special. It provides children with an added sense of safety and familial structure and can encourage independence through overnight sleepovers and other get togethers. In general, the greater grandparental involvement in a child’s life, the greater a child’s overall wellbeing.

By ABC Quality Team on June 28, 2022

How Do I Help My Preschooler Understand the Death of a Loved One?

In an ideal world, parents and caregivers wouldn’t have to help their child cope with the death of a loved one at a very young age. But while we may hope the hard conversations about life, death, and grief can wait until children are older, the reality is many parents will have to face this scenario during the preschool years—often with the passing of a grandparent or older relative. The death of a close friend or family member is stressful on both kids and grownups, and the best way to face it is head on and together. Here are some tips for helping your preschooler understand and cope with the death of someone they love.

By ABC Quality Team on June 21, 2022

Child Care Center Versus In-Home Care: What is the right choice for my family?

One of the hardest parts of parenting through early childhood years is making decisions about your child’s care throughout the workday. The importance of early learning and early childhood development cannot be overstated, as it’s well known to form the foundation of a lifetime of healthy learning and development.

By ABC Quality Team on December 22, 2021