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Who can help me with child care?

Quality child care is the goal of any good parent or caregiver. But paying for child care costs is often difficult for many families. Fortunately, in South Carolina, there are various kinds of resources available to families in need of financial assistance for child care.

By ABC Quality Team on June 15, 2021

Why should I have my child vaccinated?

If you’re a new parent or caregiver, you are most likely familiar with immunizations and childhood vaccines. Immunizations help protect children (and adults) from serious diseases and also help prevent spreading those diseases to other people.

By ABC Quality Team on June 8, 2021

How can I teach my child not to be afraid of going to the doctor?

Whether they're going in for a routine check-up or visiting a specialist for a specific problem, children often have fears about going to the doctor. A child’s reaction to a medical visit can vary widely depending on their age and temperament

By ABC Quality Team on May 31, 2021

How can I help my child stop picking her nose?

As a child grows up, many parents and caregivers start noticing weird habits or behavioral tendencies in their children. Some of these are typical for kids of all ages, such as biting their nails, sticking their fingers in the ear and smelling the wax and so on. But picking the nose seems to be the grossest and most disturbing childhood habit of them all. Not only is it unappealing to see, this particular habit can help spread germs. In fact, a 2018 study in the European Respiratory Journal notes that nose picking can spread the bacteria responsible for pneumonia.

By ABC Quality Team on May 25, 2021

Why is family important in a child's development?

As a child grows and develops, his or her first human interactions are typically with family members and associated caregivers. These first contacts are vital for the development of a child’s socialization skills as well as teaching children how to have a better understanding of themselves and of people around them.

By ABC Quality Team on May 18, 2021