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DSS Celebrates ABC Quality’s 30th Birthday in 2022

The South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) is encouraging communities statewide to join in celebrating ABC Quality’s 30th Anniversary this year. ABC Quality has been supporting South Carolina families across the Palmetto State since 1992. It provides parents and caregivers with a statewide quality rating and improvement system and connects families to early care and education programs with the support of an easy-to-understand A, B, and C rating system.

Three Decades of Impact

For three decades ABC Quality has positively impacted the lives of children, families, and communities by supporting early childhood settings and developing strategies to increase the quality of child care in those settings. ABC Quality also offers early childhood educators coaching, training, and educational resources to support the wellbeing of children in care settings during integral times of development and growth.

Celebrating 30 Years of #SCQualityCare in 2022

The 30th Anniversary celebration will last throughout 2022. DSS and ABC Quality leadership are inviting South Carolinians to join in the virtual 30th Anniversary party on social media by posting a Happy 30th Anniversary message on Facebook, using the hashtag #SCQualityCare, throughout the year. A variety of early childhood programs will be highlighted on the ABC Quality Facebook page, featuring personal testimonials and information about ABC Quality’s innovative projects aimed at increasing quality care for children in South Carolina.

Another integral part of the 30th Anniversary includes a redesign of ABC Quality’s website that will provide a seamless user experience for parents and child care providers searching for information on ABC Quality, additional child care resources, and the Leap Years blog which provides timely child care information and resources for parents and providers.

“ABC Quality’s mission is committed to equitable, quality, and affordable child care throughout South Carolina,” said Beverly Hunter, ABC Quality Program Manager, “Our program increases the quality of care by focusing on each early childhood program’s unique strengths, to best serve the families of South Carolina.”

This year is dedicated to celebrating ABC Quality’s milestones, along with implementing new innovative partnership projects, like Quality Care by Design. This project focuses on increasing the quality of infant and toddler care settings and enhancing programming that strengthens early childhood settings for children ages 6-weeks to 12-years-old.

ABC Quality is administered by the Early Care and Education Division of the South Carolina Department of Social Services. To learn more about ABC Quality or its yearlong 30th Anniversary celebration, contact Sherrie Dueno at

By Sherrie Dueno, Project Manager, ABC Quality on July 20, 2022