Defining Quality


Quality child care programs are stimulating environments in which children can thrive. ABC Quality helps you recognize quality when you see it. Click below to see helpful tips and red flags to look out for when selecting a provider.

  • Well lit and clean
  • Room for play
  • Skill-building classroom centers
  • TV or videos should not be regular activites.
  • Assess security systems and protocols.
  • Evaluate indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Low staff-to-child ratio
  • Well-trained, experienced caregivers
  • Foster social & coginitive development
  • Better providers strive for small child groups.
  • Ideal teachers have some college and/or early childhood education.
  • Lots of baby talk
  • Speaking harshly
  • Low staff turnover
  • Clear policies & program structure
  • Pursuit of ABC Quality & other accreditations
  • Get current parent reference & ask their opinion of care.
  • Review any licensing or violations.
  • Ask for a written handbook of policies.
  • Opportunities for involvement
  • Responsive staff
  • Two-way discussions about child development
  • Parent visits should be encouraged any time.
  • Is parental feedback sought & implemented?
  • Look for good communications — written & verbal.
  • Trained in health & sanitation
  • Practice proper routines & procedures daily
  • CPR & first aid trained caregivers
  • Staff should wash hands after each diaper change.
  • Pick up a few toys — sticky or dirty?
  • Food prep area should be far from diaper-changing areas.

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